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Solar Water Heater Rental Options

5 Reasons to install your Solar Water Heater on a Rent-to-Own basis



No deposit

There are no upfront cash investments

Pay for electricity out of monthly savings.

Your rental is paid monthly-in-arrears. MrSola guarantees that savings will exceed monthly payment (Valid for 3 months after installation)

No maintenance or repair costs

MrSola looks after your system for the first 5 years FREE OF CHARGE.

Fixed electricity tariff

Make sure you are partly (30% – 50%) hedged against future electricity tariff increases.

Excellent after sales service

Because we fund the installation and you pay us on a monthly basis.

Our Rent-to-Own offer works as follows:

  1. MrSola will visit your home and select the right product for you.
  2. MrSola does a check upfront to determine whether you will save more on electricity than what the rental payments will cost. * You can also check this yourself using our Savings Estimator.
  3. Rental payments are paid by debit order and the first payment is due at the end of the first full calendar month after installation (For example, if a system is installed in June, the first debit order will run end July).
  4. The rental runs for 5 years (60 months).
  5. At the end of the rental period, full ownership is obtained by payment of a small balloon payment.
  6. During the rental period, MrSola provides a full maintenance service on the product at ZERO cost.*

* Savings calculations are based on historic savings in the industry but are subject to the lifestyle of a particular household. Therefore, MrSola cannot guarantee the actual savings that will be achieved through the installation of a Solar Water Heater outside the 3-months savings guarantee period.