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Solar PV
Rental Options

Solar PV Systems are available on a 7-year Rent-to-Own Contract:



No deposit

Rental Payments are monthly-in-arrears.
Except for an R 2 500 design and admin fee to submit for approval by City Council

No maintenance or repair costs

MrSola looks after your system for the first 7 years FREE OF CHARGE.

Fixed Electricity Tariff

Fix the tariff of approximately 540 kWh per month to hedge against future electricity tariff increases.

Security of Electricity Supply

Your Solar PV with battery back-up will ensure that you continue with normal households activities in case of load-shedding or outages.

Excellent after sales service

For the duration of the Rent-to-Own contract, MrSola has a vested interest to ensure your system performs as specified.

Rent-to-Own on PV Installations:

  1. MrSola will visit you at home and assist you to make the right product selection for a PV installation.
  2. Should you wish to proceed, an Application Document will be completed and signed by you.
  3. After approval of your application, you will be requested to pay a non-refundable deposit of R 2 500- for the design and approval of your PV installation.
  4. Once the deposit is paid, MrSola will design your PV system and submit to the City Council for approval. (City of Cape Town takes at least 2 weeks for approval).
  5. Once approval is obtained, MrSola will schedule for installation. Plan for a week lead time. The installation will take 2 – 3 days.
  6. After completion of the installation, it will be signed off by the required Competent persons and submitted to City Councill for approval to connect (City of Cape Town takes at least 2 weeks for approval).
  7. Monthly debit order charges for the rental will commence at the end of the first full month after your PV system has been approved for connection by the City Council.
  8. After 84 monthly rental payments, full ownership can be obtained by payment of a small balloon payment.
  9. During the rental period, MrSola provides a full maintenance service (excluding battery replacement) on the system at ZERO cost to you.